Behind the Scenes

The Big Idea

We want to write quality, concise comic book reviews to help you decide which comic books are worth reading and which are not.  Every so often we’ll probably do something random as well, such as posting on art/writing philosophy, artistic techniques, artist biographies, and web comic reviews.  If you have something you would like us to discuss or a comic book you would like us to review, drop us a line in the comments.

What kind of comics will we be reviewing?

All kinds. Newspaper comic strips, comic book series, long-form graphic novels, and any web comics we come across.  These comics may or may not be appropriate for all ages.  These comics may not all be worth reading, but our goal is to review only two kinds of comics:

  • Comics that we do recommend reading
  • Comics that are well-known but that we do not necessarily recommend (hopefully not too many of these).

Also, regarding age-appropriateness: we will attempt to mention content that might be offensive to readers, but we can’t claim to be exhaustive, and our purpose in writing reviews here at Flint and Bone is not to list instances of objectionable content.  That said, we will be sure to make mention of exorbitant amounts of violence, bedroom scenes, foul language, etc.  But ultimately it is up to you (makes me think of Smokey the Bear: Only you can prevent forest fires.  Only you can control what comics you read).

What’s up with the two-headed body-builder on the logo?

This logo is the online pseudonym for two youthful brothers, one of which loves drawing (hence the two-headed monster artwork), the other writing (hence this page).  Both love reading comics.  Their real names are not Flint and Bone.  Unfortunately, they do not have muscles as massive as Flint and Bone, but they also aren’t conjoined, which is a real blessing.


We are Christians.  We believe the inerrant truth of the whole Bible, that people are sinners, and that salvation may be found only in Jesus Christ.  For in-depth coverage of what else we believe, you can visit our denomination’s website

Beliefs About Comic Books

We believe that all comic books should provide “spiritual nourishment” (okay, we stole this directly from the pages of John R. Erickson’s Story Craft).  Basically, we recommend comic books based upon 1) their entertainment value and 2) their message/theme value.

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. I found your web site from redeemed reader. Glad to see a Christian website and I find it interesting that you are Orthodox Presbyterian as I just visited one a couple of weeks ago and so far like it above all the churches I have visited in this area so far (I’m in the process of looking for a church). I don’t see where I can follow you all so I’ll have to book mark you.
    PS: I have a ton of the Asterix and Obelix comcs too-both American and British versions.

  2. I have a son that wants to read the comic books BONE. They do not look good but he hates to read and is constantly bringing them home. I cant find good or negative reviews about the spiritual side of this book. Please help.


    • It’s funny that you ask, because my brother “Flint” (a.k.a. Joseph) has been working on a BONE review for quite some time. He finished the rough draft today, and we should have the review on the site in a week or two.

      Until then, all I will say is that a) I personally really liked BONE, b) I read it for the first time when I was around 10, and c) the relativistic worldview underlying the story is about the only thing to be concerned about in my opinion.

      That said, I must make you wait until my brother’s review is finished for an analysis of BONE’s spiritual side! Hope this helps.

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