One Big Happy

With so many famous, funny, family-centered comic strips, like Baby Blues, Zits, Sally Forth, and Cul de Sac, who would have thought that another comic on the same topic could be innovative and good?  But somehow, One Big Happy by Rick Detorie has done the impossible.

In the small town setting of One Big Happy, the reader will find a little six-year-old girl named Ruthie, her brother Joe, her parents Frank and Ellen, and her grandparents Nick and Rose.  Ruthie is a humorous little girl with innovative ideas, a love for pets, and a comical family.  Like most young children, she translates everything, from questions to information, very literally, which leads to a lot of humorous misunderstanding.  1Eight-year-old Joe spends a lot of time playing with his sister Ruthie, and they even run their own paramedic service together when the mood strikes them.  Both Ruthie and Joe have creative ideas – although their parents might wish they didn’t have so many.  2Despite being elderly, Ruthie’s grandparents sometimes have just as much silliness in them as their little grandchildren.  The grandfather has a quirky sense of humor, and the prim and proper grandmother is the perfect counterpart to her husband’s rowdiness.  3Ruthie’s parents are kind and considerate of others.  Of all of the comic strip parents I’ve encountered, I like Frank and Ellen best because they are very supportive parents and rarely complain about their children, even when things get chaotic.4

One Big Happy is a pleasurable comic to read, and I highly recommend it!

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