Until We Meet Again

A quick glance at the date on the previous post here is enough to tell readers that things have been very…very…VERY slow lately (“lately” in this case meaning the past 5 months). The real bad news for this blog is that we don’t anticipate having the time to read/write more posts in the foreseeable future (we don’t have the gift of foresight though, so we can’t promise anything!).

One day, perhaps we shall take up our keyboards once more, don our orange shirt and cool glasses, and write comic book reviews once again. But not today. This conjoined bodybuilder is too busy building his body, and wearing cool glasses, and getting himself educated to write blog posts!

Why take a whole post to say this? Well, we’ve decided that rather than let this little blog feel like an unfinished sentence still wanting a period, we want to end this project properly.  So this is our “goodbye and thanks for watching” post. In our 1 year and 3 months of existence, we’ve reviewed several good/great/amazing works by a variety of authors:

In addition, we did a quick tutorial for amateur comic book artists: 15 Minute Comic Exercise, and we shared some thoughts about the big-screen adaption of Herge’s Tintin in  The Adventures of Tintin: Some Thoughts.

We hope that this blog in its own small way has been enlightening, edifying, uplifting, and–most of all–glorifying to the One whose image we bear.

In Christ,

-Flint and bone (aka joseph and jack)-