A Call to Readers!

Hey everybody! Sorry we haven’t posted lately, but more posts will be forthcoming in the near future. We’re cogitating the idea of starting a web-comic – preferably a longer form comic ( i.e. not a newspaper strip) – and we’d like input from our readers! What kind of story, characters, settings, or plots would you like to see? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


-flint and bone-


15 Minute Comic Exercise

For this exercise you will need:

  • pens
  • paper
  • a timer
  • a friend (or two or three—the more the merrier).

Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen, set the timer for 15 minutes, and have everyone write a title at the top of their page.  This title shouldn’t be too specific—not “How I cut myself with a fishing hook.”  “Fishing Disaster” has many more creative options.

Now, have everyone pass their titled page to the person on their left and start the timer.  The person who receives the titled page has 15 minutes to make a one-page comic based on the given title. When the timer goes off, share your comic with all the other participants and anyone else who would like to see it.  Don’t worry if your artwork isn’t as good as your favorite comic artist or that you spell a word or two wrong.  This is an exercise.  It is not intended to be a piece of final artwork, and like all exercises, the more repetitions the better. Maybe you could set up a schedule of doing this exercise at a certain time every day.

After you’ve done a few of these one-pagers, try going back and improving one—work on inking and lettering, improving the dialogue, and paying more attention to detail in each panel.  Also, look out for part 2 of this how-to series, where we will share some of our 15-minute creations!

Until then,


MOTH Under the Microsope

Moth (môth) n. – 1. Any of numerous insects of the order Lepidoptera. 2. The alias of a superhero named Jack Mahoney.

 I will be using (you guessed it!) the second definition for the purpose of this review. The Moth, created by artists Steve Rude and Gary Martin, is an engaging superhero comic series. The story is fun to read, and the pages sport solid layouts containing good artwork.

The Moth is entertaining and manages to address some serious subjects without becoming depressing or gritty. Jack Mahoney is the main protagonist who fights crime under the alias “Moth,” and has a brother, Tad, who is a midget with medical problems. The story depicts the “Moth” through many adventures–some in the interest of making money and others that come about by accident. The series as a whole shows Jack as he tries to balance his normal life with his friends, the responsibilities he has towards his brother, and his vigilante work. One thing that makes The Moth unique is that Jack works for a circus, and most of his friends come from there and often have special abilities. Though the comic book does contain several references to drug usage in the first issue and has a few crude references scattered throughout later on, the book is pretty clean over all. There isn’t really any profanity in the dialogue because most cursing is done in an unintelligible form using symbols (similar to newspaper comics). Throughout the story, The Moth shows the value of friendship and the support friends can offer in times of hardship. It also demonstrates family loyalty (somewhat) because Jack’s hero work is directly linked to his brother’s needs.

Just as the story of The Moth is excellent, the layout and artwork of Steve Rude and Gary Martin are also impeccable. The pages are laid out in clear-cut rectangular panels that are easy to follow and flow naturally over the pages. The art is very lucid and easy to understand, and the inks and color are a joy to look at. Overall, I have to say The Moth is nearly perfect in the technical aspect of layout and artwork.

Steve Rude and Gary Martin have created a true gem that not only has an engaging story that draws the reader in, but is also very well rendered and laid out. Though only about 7 issues have been printed, and the release of future issues is unknown, The Moth is definitely worth looking at. I recommend this comic book.

Happy Reading!